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Approval Process


Approval Process


Step 1: Consumer contacts SDF for Ability Loan information and/or application.


Step 2:  An SDF application, AuburnBank application, and Privacy Statement is sent to the consumer or the consumer may complete these documents online, print, sign and mail to the AFP Coordinator. 


Step 3: AFP Coordinator receives the application materials and begins the review and approval process. 


Step 4: AFP Coordinator checks the applications for completeness (The SDF Application and the AuburnBank Application) signature(s) and dates. 


Step 5: Southern Disability Foundation application checklist must be completed, signed, and dated.


Step 6:  Consumer must provide accompanying documents to include:


  • Type of Equipment or Service(s)
  • Estimate or cost of equipment or service(s)
  • Estimated Life of Device, if known.


Step 7: AFP Coordinator forwards a summary of  all necessary documents to the SDF Board for their recommendation of approval or denial. Allow approximately one week for this process. 


Step 8: When the coordinator has received a total of four (4) "yes" responses from SDF Borad members; The applications and other supporting documents are submitted to the financial institution’s loan processor.


Step 9: Once the AFP Coordinator receives a response from the bank, the consumer is contacted regarding the bank's decision.  However, the bank will notify the consumer in writing if the application is denied and fax information to the nearest bank branch if approved. (Should allow 30 days for processing) 


Step 10: The coordinator then transfers this outcome information to Ability Loan Database for grant reports, loan status reports, board reports and  the Ability Loan Program annual report.