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The Ability Loan Program is a partnership between STAR and the Southern Disability Foundation, Inc.


The program is an Alternative Financing Program for individuals with disabilities and their families to borrow money at a low-interest or extended-terms for the purchase of assistive technology, adaptive equipment and related services. Alternative financing needs may include but will not be limited to a means of paying for devices not covered by public programs, as a means of providing a loan sooner than other public programs, and/or a means of having another funding source available.


The program is administered by the Southern Disability Foundation, Inc.; founded in collaboration with STAR to create Alabama‚Äôs Ability Loan Program. The Ability Loan Fund was originally capitalized with Title I funds (from the Assisitive Technology (AT) Act of 1998). Federal AT Act dollars were used at least in part to capitalize the program, while other non-Federal funds were raised for Federal matching purposes and to establish the loan fund.